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Home Essentials

To start with we must say our overall impression on Home Essentials is good, it appears to use the same fast easy to use technology of some of the other websites in the JD Williams brand.

The structure and information on the Home Essentials homepage puts lots of emphasis on the "Essential" products, from Bedroom Essentials to Garden Essentials, the homepage offers direct links to the latest "Just in" range plus other popular sections of the range.

You get the usual "mouse over for bigger picture" we all know and love of the JD Williams designs.

Using the sites search function seems to be the easiest way to shop, avoiding the click after click to get to the desired products, the search also yields more results as the Home Essential range is well scattered in different categories.

For example we wanted to view a Stainless Steel Teapot, by clicking the categories we needed to take this route: Home -> Inspirational Home -> Kitchen & Dining -> Accessories -> Stainless Steel Teapots this gave us just one Stainless Steel Teapot to view. Using the search function we searched for "Stainless Steel Teapot" and was presented with a choice all in one click.

Payment options are typical of the leading catalogue names.

So if you are moving home or just brightening up your current home we are sure Home Essentials online will be able to supply all those essentials and finishing touches.