House of Bath Catalogue

House of Bath

House of Bath is a trading style of J D Williams & Company Limited, a company founded in 1875, and now the leading direct home shopping company in the UK. All those years of quality products, customer service and attention to quality and detail show on the website, with great products on the eye-catching main page, and an easy to navigate layout.

The House of Bath website’s new look features over 300 new products, many of them exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else, not even in the House of Bath catalogue. A new menu bar on the left makes it easy to find the product or category of products you’re looking for, with links directly to sections for items perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, entrance, study, kitchen, dining area, utility room, and garage. There’s even a section filled with health and beauty products, and a category for clothing and footwear, a specialty of the parent company for years. These categories are grouped at the top of the website, too. And there’s a handy search where you can search by keyword or catalogue item number to make shopping even easier.

Just browsing through the House of Bath’s large, clear pictures can inspire you to adopt a new look or try some new accessories to brighten and decorate your home. You can even make a wish list of future purchases. But if you know what you’re looking for, you can further narrow your choices by color, price, brand, and size, and save time by going to directly the type of product you’re looking to purchase.

House of Bath makes it easy for you browse and purchase items that are popular now, with its ‘Seasonal Features’ link to specific areas of the website containing items that are common and desirable purchases for the current time of year. The links might take you to helpful bathroom accessories, or decorative items, for instance.

A handy guide at House of Bath give step by step instructions for measuring and choosing the right sized curtains to ensure that you purchase curtains of the right width and length for your needs. This spares you from the frustration of opening your package only to discover they don’t drape the way you want, or they’re too short or long. And another feature makes it easy to transform a room with a stylish look by grouping colors, styles and products together to show you the effect, then linking to those products to make purchasing the items required for your new look quick and easy.

It’s also easy to find out about new products, special deals and special offers at the website by signing up for the House of Bath e-mail mailing list. Notifications about great new styles, sales and special bargain purchases will arrive right in your email so that you don’t miss out on an awesome deal. You can also request a House of Bath catalogue at the website by simply entering your information.

The House of Bath website strives to be a “home of inspiration” to inspire you with dazzling home fashions, easy navigation, and superior customer service.