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Interactive home shopping is taking on a whole new meaning with the convergence of catalogs and online stores. Companies like Great Universal, Littlewoods, Fashionworld, J D Williams, and Ambrose Wilson are making a big splash in the UK as millions of consumers take advantage of secure online payments, efficient product comparisons, and laser-targeted pinpointing of exactly what they want - in an online arena with a larger selection than most retail stores.

Enquiries can be made during standard operating hours and returns of defective items are impeccably easy. Business standards are rigorously enacted, sometimes a little more thoroughly than normal department stores. This is because online stores face skepticism from the public, and lawmaking and governing bodies respond with tough measures to curb bad business practices and engender the trust of the public mindset.

Most catalogue companies have over a century of operating history. For instance, the J D Williams brand which encompasses Littlewoods, Great Universal, and a dozen plus more companies has been in business since 1875. Although the methods and mediums have changed, the essential quality of delivering goods to consumers has been in practice for 131 years in the UK's leading online catalogue conglomerate.

Warranties are available for big products like furniture, electrical goods, and appliances. Other products, devoid of warranties, have time windows for returning products.

Consumers that shy away from the internet can order a free catalogue from a company, albeit through a website!

Catalog shopping has ascended many steps while moving toward an online environment. Shoppers can browse catalogs 24/7 and in private, without long lines, cranky kids, or a nervous bustle. Advances in bandwidth consumption have enabled retailers to show huge, glowing photos of the goods concomitantly showing off technical specs, summaries, and product reviews with ratings.

The most intuitive medium for shopping is through a catalogue, and the most intelligent medium is the internet. Look up and see the wonderful world of catalogue shopping.